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2016 NFL Odds: LA Rams One Of Least Likely Teams To Win Division

The Rams aren't among the favorites in the NFC West and are among the least likely teams in all of the NFL to win their division.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we looked at the odds the Los Angeles Rams are being given in the win/loss column. Today, we've got a new set of odds from Bovada looking at divisional champion odds...and they're not great for the Rams either.

The Rams are listed at 15/2 odds to take the NFC West which puts them in third:

Team Odds
Seattle Seahawks 10/11
Arizona Cardinals 7/5
Los Angeles Rams 15/2
San Francisco 49ers 20/1

One of the things pushing the Rams so far back is the fact that both the Seahawks and Cardinals are good teams. The Rams don't have much wiggle room behind them.

Here's how they stack up against the rest of the league and the other seven divisions:

Team Division Odds
New England Patriots AFC East 5/11
Carolina Panthers NFC South 1/2
Green Bay Packers NFC North 2/3
Seattle Seahawks NFC West 10/11
Pittsburgh Steelers AFC North 5/4
Indianapolis Colts AFC South 5/4
Arizona Cardinals NFC West 7/5
Cincinnati Bengals AFC North 7/4
Dallas Cowboys NFC East 7/4
Denver Broncos AFC West 9/5
Kansas City Chiefs AFC West 9/5
Houston Texans AFC South 2/1
New York Giants NFC East 9/4
Minnesota Vikings NFC North 9/4
Baltimore Ravens AFC North 11/4
Oakland Raiders AFC West 11/4
Jacksonville Jaguars AFC South 7/2
Philadelphia Eagles NFC East 15/4
Washington NFC East 15/4
Buffalo Bills AFC East 21/4
New York Jets AFC East 21/4
Atlanta Falcons NFC South 21/4
New Orleans Saints NFC South 6/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC South 6/1
San Diego Chargers AFC West 13/2
Los Angeles Rams NFC West 15/2
Miami Dolphins AFC East 8/1
Chicago Bears NFC North 9/1
Detroit Lions NFC North 9/1
Tennessee Titans AFC South 10/1
Cleveland Browns AFC North 20/1
San Francisco 49ers NFC West 20/1

So no, the Rams aren't in great company but it's largely a function of the top-heaviness of the division and not necessarily an accurate representation of the general quality of the Rams overall.

What stands out to you in these odds?