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Random Ramsdom 5/24: Bradford Trade Pushed Rams to #1 Pick

The Rams had two more second round picks than the Eagles did this year, which is probably the reason why they ended up at #1 while the Eagles landed at 2.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports


--- Headed to OTAs, Rams Have Injury Questions ---
The Rams aren't completely healthy even at this time of the year.

--- Part III of the Offseason ---
Two parts down, onto part three.

--- Ian Seau Signs to Rams ---
He's the nephew of the former player, Junior Seau.

--- Bill Barnwell Grades Offseason ---
The Rams made one signature move this offseason, but here's how the whole period grades out.


--- LA Likely to Become Super Bowl Fixture ---
Not the team, just the stadium.

--- Greg Williams Among Most Creative Defensive Signal Callers ---
Williams knows how to call a defense.

--- Les Snead Motivated by Fear ---
Snead feared not picking Gurley if he panned out too well.

--- Rams and Trojans Plan to Reduce Trash @ LA Coliseum ---
Always nice to be a little eco-friendly.

--- Bradford Trade Helped Rams Land Goff ---
The Rams had two more second round picks than the Eagles, which propelled them past the Eagles from 2 to 1.

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