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The Most Embarrassing Rams Jersey a NFL Fan Can Own

Everybody’s got one. One of those old, dust-collecting jerseys hanging in their know, that relic that has no business being in there. It’s more of a throwaway than a throwback.

Over at For the Win, they covered the most embarrassing NFL jerseys to own for every NFL team. The caption for the Rams, though short, said it all...

I remember being a young Panthers fan who was justifiably excited when the Rams thought Sehorn could cover Steve Smith.


In 2001, back when they were still offensive juggernauts, the Mike Martz lead Rams won a very close Week 5 matchup against the New York Giants (where Sehorn played) by a score of 15-14. While the Giants’ defense did well to keep the game within hand, Martz made it clear he wasn’t impressed with the safety.

We threw the ball all over the lot against the Giants. I'd like to line up against Jason Sehorn every day of the week.

He was singing in a bit of a different tune in 2003, when the Rams found themselves in dire need of safety help, and their solution was...Jason Sehorn.

I think Jason will be a tremendous addition to our defense.

Sehorn joined the Rams in May of 2003, a few months after being released by the Giants. He’d miss the first six games of the season with a foot injury, but would play in the team’s remaining 10 games. While most would say the Greatest Show on Turf concluded at the end of the 2001 season, the 2003 Rams went 12-4 (best in the NFC) on their way to winning the NFC West.

The Carolina Panthers, a wildcard team who’d just beaten the Cowboys a week prior, came into the Edward Jones Dome in the divisional round, taking the Rams to a second overtime. Let’s relive the moment where your Sehorn jersey become a chamois...(entire play here)

smith td

I’m guessing Steve Smith now shares Martz’s 2001 sentiment about lining up against Jason Sehorn, whose final play in a Rams’ uniform (and the NFL) is seen here. Quite the opposite of "going out on top."

Don’t be shy. What’s a jersey - NFL or otherwise - you’re so embarrassed to own, you don’t even want your neighbors to see it in your trash?