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Monday Night Open Thread: Fifth Year Option Woes

Al Bello/Getty Images

You were wrong, sucka! Ok...ok. Maybe you weren’t wrong. But prior to the 2013 NFL Draft, I had my draft crush for the St. Louis Rams, and his name was Tavon Austin. Chalk one up for Brandon! Yours may have been Alec Ogletree. If so, kudos to you for also being right, and therefore awesome.

But several of you were wrong. And tonight is where you admit it! You don’t have to....but it’d be nice if you did :)

The point here is:  today was the final day for team’s to pick up the 5th year option for their 2013 first round picks...and if I remember correctly, several of these guys were linked to the Rams.

Here are six. Were one of these players "your guy"?

What a mess....

You may not have not liked the Rams’ picks at the time - and heck you may not like them now - but out of 32 first round picks there don’t appear to be many sticking around, and the Rams saw enough out of their own to keep them around for another year...despite the price tag for 2017. That should count for something.

It’s ok. Fess up. I’m here for you.