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Hard Knocks Trailer Shows LA Rams Prepping For NFL Spotlight

On August 9, the Rams take center stage for the NFL...

A move to Los Angeles.

A trade for the #1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Using that #1 overall pick for a new franchise QB in Jared Goff.

It's been a ridiculous offseason for the Rams, one that lines up nicely with their selection to appear on this season of Hard Knocks on HBO as featured in the trailer. And it's all in there.

It starts with B-roll of things being packed up as we hear NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announcing the move from the press conference back in January.

Cue Jeff Fisher.

Cue the D-line playing cards.

Cue Jared Goff.

Cue Just Todd Gurley!


I'm not going to act as if I'm not excited to see the Rams featured on Hard Knocks. No show on television does a better job showing the ins and outs of NFL life. To have the show focus on the Rams...

Suffice to say we'll be watching.