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LA Rams Donate Equipment To HS Team In Need, Send Robert Quinn To Meet Team

The Rams have long sought opportunities to be positive stewards of the community they've represented. Now that they've relocated to Los Angeles, that doesn't seem to be changing.

David Crane, OC Register

When the Rams were approved by the NFL to relocate to Los Angeles from St. Louis, one aspect many St. Louisans were immediately, and fairly, regretful over was losing the impact the franchise had in their many community efforts. That impact has already begun in LA despite just moving into temporary facilities in recent weeks.

According to the Orange County Register after someone/s broke into Reseda's Cleveland Charter High School's football team offices and stole nearly $8,000 that was due to be spent on equipment for the Cleveland TEAM, one of the players mother's contacted Rams Chief Operating Office Kevin Demoff who has long spearheaded community initiatives on behalf of the team.

The Rams quickly arranged with the team's coach to get the apparel through donations from Adidas and Gamebreaker before sending DE Robert Quinn as a de facto ambassador to present the donation.

For a franchise trying to make inroads with the community, it's a pretty worthwhile charitable effort and one, regardless of which community we may come from, all Rams fans should support.