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Los Angeles Rams S T.J. McDonald Arrested On DUI

The Los Angeles Rams offseason story 1a? Relocating to SoCal. 1b? The escalating off-field issues...

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams S T.J. McDonald was arrested on a DUI not related to alcohol today per TMZ Sports:

L.A. Rams safety T.J. McDonald was arrested for DUI early Tuesday morning after cops say he crashed into a parked car...

...McDonald waited for police to arrive and when they got there, cops noticed something was off about the 25-year-old so they brought him to the station for a DUI screening.

He was eventually arrested for DUI -- not alcohol related. We're told officials believe there may be medication involved. He has since been released on his own recognizance.

It's a strange story given the timing. Tuesday morning is hardly the time you expect NFL players to be under the influence of some kind of narcotic. If there was any legitimate speculation to be had here, it might be that the narcotics would be related to his recovery from shoulder surgeryMcDonald was cleared for full practice nearly one month ago.

No word on if the team or league will seek any punishment in terms of game time for the arrest.

Perhaps the bigger concern is the red flags popping up for the Rams.

First, backup RB Tre Mason was arrested in early March for marijuana possession.

Then, the Rams added three players with significant off-field concerns since the 2016 NFL Draft:

The Rams are heading to their most scrutinized offseason among the national media since...well, they're going to be on Hard Knocks for a reason.

While they may have wanted to focus on the move to Los Angeles and the on-field product to expand their international marketability now that they have a new franchise QB in Jared Goff, it looks like there's another major storyline expanding...