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2016 NFL Draft: Which Of These Anonymous Receivers Could Help The Rams Most?

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Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Draft is less than three weeks away, and speculation as to who teams will select when on the clock will only intensify as we inch closer to draft day.

Whether or not the Los Angeles Rams choose to draft the best player available [BPA] in Round 1, or go after a need - which could possibly be the same player - the fact remains they’re still in need of a dominant wide receiver.

And while some say it’s a down year in terms of the receiver class, there are still several players who could make a big impact in the NFL in the upcoming year.

Pro Football Focus recently released their very first NFL Draft Guide, and it is 264 pages of great in-depth analysis on the draft’s top prospects; providing unique insights on the players, full prospect profiles, NFL player comparisons, rankings, and more.

The Rams have been missing an elite receiver since the exodus of Torry Holt. Yeah, it’s been a while. And every fan has their rationale why one of this year’s WR’s can step in and hopefully become the team’s leading receiver for the foreseeable future.  And that rationale is most likely based on what the player excels at, what another is not able to do consistently, or simply what the Rams are missing.

How about an exercise?

The PFF Draft Guide features a "what he does best" and "biggest concern" for each receiver.  I’ll select two from each category, listing their Top 5 receivers anonymously, and have you vote on which player you think would help the Rams most/fit your desirables for a receiver.  They are listed in no particular order.

Also, if you’ve purchased the draft guide already [a wise choice], I’d ask that you kindly not identify the prospects in the comments. That would, you know, take the fun out of it pretty swiftly.  Speculate away, though. I’ll drop the 5 player’s names later in the day...if it hasn’t already been spoiled [fingers crossed!].

Player 1

What He Does Best:

* Slot machine. Had 1,015 yards and six touchdowns from the slot in 2015

*  Tracks deep balls well in the air. Can go up and win the ball in the air. Helped him catch 64 percent of the passes thrown his way on go routes

Biggest Concerns:

* Outmuscled on slants on occasion. Caught just 57 percent of the passes thrown his way on slant routes in 2015

*  Doesn't always use body to shield defenders from the ball. Hurt him on comeback routes, where he caught just 50 percent of the passes thrown his way

Player 2

What He Does Best:

*  Plays the ball well in the air, catching 40 percent of the passes thrown his way on go routes including six touchdowns

*  Uses his body well to shield defenders from the ball. Played a big part in catching 24 passes for 233 yards on hitch routes this past season

Biggest Concerns:

*  Inconsistent at the catch point, which is a problem given his struggles to separate. Especially a problem when you consider level of compe on between college and the NFL

*  Hands are inconsistent. Dropped nine of the 91 catchable passes thrown his way in 2015, with several poor drops that should have been simple catches in there

Player 3

What He Does Best:

* Outstanding at getting separation

*  Has speed to burn a cornerback deep, and turn a short gain into a touchdown with work after the catch

Biggest Concerns:

*  Hands are questionable at times, dropped 10 of 84 catchable passes in 2015, and seven of 71 in 2014

*  Not consistently good at the catch point, sometimes letting a defensive back into a play

Player 4

What He Does Best:

*  Very good hands, just five drops combined in 2014 and 2015

*  Good after the catch, averaged 6.6 yards after the catch per reception and forced a missed tackle on 23.2 percent of his receptions in 2015

Biggest Concerns:

* Is not slow, but not a complete burner either, running a 4.57 40-yard dash

*  Potentially held back by quarterback play, but overall lack of production is a minor concern with just 110 receptions for 1,580 yards over the past two seasons

Player 5

What He Does Best:

*  Tremendous leaping ability. Lacks elite speed, but was still able to bring in 54 percent of the passes thrown his way on go routes in 2015

*  With size and physicality, is a nightmare to cover on slants. Uses his body well to shield the ball from defensive backs, catching 80 percent of the passes thrown his way on slant routes

Biggest Concerns:

*  Dropped just six passes all year, but two of the six came on the 11 catchable passes thrown his way on in routes

*  Ability to separate is good, not great. Was able to get away with it in college by being stronger than opposing defensive backs, and by being able to get up and win the ball, but can he have the same success against be er athletes in the NFL, let’s see if the receiver you think you want, is the one you’ve actually voted for.