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What If the Rams had the #1 Pick?

The possibilities are intriguing....

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

We all know that the Rams currently sit at #15 in the upcoming NFL Draft. Whether they stay put and make their first selection at that slot remains to be seen, but there are murmurs out there about the Rams moving up to #1 to get 'their guy'.

That's all speculation at this point. HOWEVER, since the media is speculating about this situation, lets do some speculating of our own.

If the Rams were to move up to #1, there would be several options to fill holes on both sides of the ball. You would have your choice of either top QB, the option to give up on LT Greg Robinson if you so choose, fill the vacancy left by Rodney McLeod, or maintain the status quo by replacing Chris Long.

Lets jump right in shall we?

Jared Goff / Carson Wentz

Take your pick here. The logic is sound - even for #Fisherball. Doesn't matter if you have an elite D and/or a generational talent at RB... you can't win without adequate QB play.

Jalen Ramsey

The Rams fumbled 'Priority A' this offseason and lost their starting FS to the Eagles. Ramsey would step in and immediately fill that hole.

Joey Bosa

This would be the quintessential Jeff Fisher pick. Even with Robert Quinn, William Hayes, and Eugene seems on board - plus an underrated Matt Longacre, I think Fisher would be tempted by Bosa.

Laremy Tunsil

For all of his hard work with Lecharles Bentley this offseason, Greg Robinson has been extremely underwhelming thus far. Personally, I think it's too early to throw in the towel with G-Rob, but there are individuals out there who are ready to do just that. Depending on how you view Robinson... this may be an option.