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The Turf Show Times 2016 NFL Draft Big Board

Time to make yourself heard. It's time to start building the 2016 TST NFL Draft Big Board.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

We did this back in 2014 but somehow missed last let's bring it back.

We're big boarding.

We need you to vote for your top five prospects in the 2016 NFL Draft for the Los Angeles Rams. We'll take them out, add five new names and keep going until we've built out a full draft board for the Rams. And of course, if there's a name you want to nominate for the next board, drop it in the comments. No promises that we'll add it, but it's the best way to ensure the prospect you want added has a shot.

After each five are selected, we'll build the board out and announce the five new prospects. Players are listed alphabetically so as to minimize selection bias, not because I want you to select Mackensie Alexander TST Anti-3k Conspiracy Theorists (TA3CTs).

Here's the final one from 2014 if you missed it.

Get to voting. And no fraud. I'ma pass some TST Voter ID laws on yall if I have to.