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Jeff Fisher Cares Not For QB Accuracy

Sean Wilkinson finds one quote from Rams HC Jeff Fisher to be very telling...

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Jeff Fisher's profound love for running the football is very well document at this point in his tenure with the Rams. He's drafted a RB in each of his drafts with the Rams and given zero fucks about trading them away when he wants to replace them.

His incessant need to establish a strong running game has bled over into the game's most important position. When expressing how to evaluate QB talent In a recent ESPN article, he at no point mentions throwing accuracy.

"You have to take the mobility into consideration," Fisher said. "And then the arm strength and decision-making. You have to look and see what they did, what the body of work was. What system they played in, what they were required to do. And then, if it's not pro style, how far along are they and how far away are they, as well."

So number 1, they have to be able to run. Then they have to have a cannon of an arm. Oh, and they have to have a high football IQ. After that, maybe take a look at the film and the stats to see what pops out at you. Don't forget the system either.

Accuracy? Who says that's important?