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Los Angeles Rams QB Sean Mannion Is Human, Exists On This Earth

Rams GM Les Snead offered some thoughts today on the Rams' third-round draft choice from the 2015 NFL Draft. It was a weird vote of confidence...

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams GM Les Snead has been in the news this offseason for some of his comments. From saying things like QB Case Keenum was a top 10 quarterback to finding an elaborate way to say that giving up lots of points is bad. And earlier today our friend Nick Wagoner over at ESPN gave us an update on what the Rams think of QB Sean Mannion moving forward.

Mannion has been the forgotten man to most people when it comes to the Rams QB plans. The team is still claiming that they really like him, though. To no surprise, Head Coach Jeff Fisher likes that Mannion has familiarity with the system and appreciates the mental side of Mannion's game. Snead then offered his thoughts and confidence in a little more detail. And that's where it got kind of weird.

"I usually call rookies freshman, so if you're a sophomore, last year was your rookie year. Now you're a sophomore and you didn't play as much in your freshman year, especially with QB's, you're kind of a forgotten entity," general manager Les Snead said. "All the new guys that we're covering at the combine are the sexy new objects and they get talked about, but a guy like Sean Mannion is right now somewhere on this planet trying to get better. And he’s got a goal in mind to start in this league, and that's what he's doing while these guys are just getting started.

"You go back to what New England did with Tom Brady. There was a guy they drafted in the sixth round, and that's an awesome pick obviously, but if you look at the history of what they did with him and the courage it took to play him when they played him, especially in the first Super Bowl they won. I think the No. 1 thing is you kind of have to look and say 'We like this human being and we're going to have the courage to stick him in there and see what occurs after that.'"

The usual about going from being a rookie to a second year player is nothing strange. Not only is Mannion working on improving but he's doing so on this planet. Any fan can appreciate that. Snead also has to throw in the obligatory "Nobody saw Tom Brady turning into Tom Brady" line too for good measure. But in case there was any doubt if the Rams liked him moving forward, ease your worries because the number one thing is "we like this human being."

Look, the Rams may very well like Mannion's prospects as an NFL starter but it's important to take this with a grain of salt. The team is committed to Keenum, for now, and it is draft season where smoke is thick. This is more than likely another one of the Rams issued company lines to cover all bases. But if you're hoping the Rams draft their eventual starting QB in the upcoming draft, just hope that your favorite QB prospect is a nice human being, practicing on planet Earth.