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Random Ramsdom 4/5: Rams May Benefit from Expanded Playoff Field

Jeff Fisher and gang have certainly demonstrated their incapability to make the 6-team field. However, an 8-team field means half the teams make it, which means, statistically, an 8-8 record should be good enough! Well, folks, maybe the added motivation could propel the Rams to land an 8-8 record, rather than 7-9, for the first time in seemingly decades.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


--- Rams Report: Free Agency ---
Here's a little bit of a recap on free agency.

--- Rams Offseason Programs Set ---
The Rams have released their offseason program listing.

--- Rams Offseason Schedule Includes Minicamp ---
And, said offseason program listing includes minicamp!


--- Welcoming LA Rams with Open Arms ---
A common theme throughout the offseason, the Rams are being welcomed to LA.

--- Todd Gurley is Rams' Offense ---
An offense devoid of talent, Gurley is a lone spark in a dark hole. (Ouch, that was harsh)


--- 3 Rams Fits in Draft ---
QB, WR, OL? Treadwell? Let's take a look.

--- LA Rams 7 Round Mock: Revamping Offense ---
Here's a 7 round mock that has the Rams tackling some offensive issues.

--- Rams Trade Hypothetical ---
Could the Rams swing downwards and accrue some extra picks?

--- Rams Prospect Visit Tracker ---
Some players the Rams have eyes on.

--- ACC Players in Recent Drafts ---
A recent history of ACC players. Hint: Rams did well here.

--- Big 12 Players in Recent Drafts ---
Some recent Big 12 players and how they've panned out.

--- Andrew Billings Squatted 805 ---
But you want to know why it's so impressive? Well, he did it while still in high school.

Around the NFL

--- Expanded NFL Playoffs ---
Hmm, maybe the Rams could make it!

--- Every Team to Wear Color Rush Uniforms ---
The color rush uniforms apparently went well, so they'll be back in a larger fashion.

--- NFL On Facebook Wouldn't Work ---
NFL on Yahoo, NFL on TV, NFL in China, NFL in Mexico, but NFL on Facebook won't work.