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2016 NFL Draft: Los Angeles Rams Select Kentucky LB Josh Forrest

Finally, the Rams spent a 2016 NFL Draft pick on defense...

Mary Ann Chastain/Getty Images

After spending their first four 2016 NFL Draft picks addressing the league's 32nd-ranked offense from the past season, the Los Angeles Rams spent their fifth overall pick, and second of the sixth round, on a defensive prospect: Kentucky LB Josh Forrest.

Forrest is an athlete who came into Kentucky as a wide receiver and transitioned to defense once he got to school

Here's how the major draft sites see Forrest:

Site MLB rank Overall rank
Mocking the Draft 11 186
ESPN 7 156
CBS Sports 12 285

The real question is where Forrest fits. Many see him as a defensive hybrid a bit in the mold of perhaps Rams S Mark Barron. His MLB experience is of particular interest for the Rams who will be without MLB James Laurinaitis for the first time in seven seasons since drafting JL55 in the 2009 NFL Draft.

For now, Forrest joins an offense-laden class to beef up the Rams for year one in the Jared Goff era.