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2016 NFL Draft: Grading the Los Angeles Rams Selection of Pharoh Cooper at #117

How do you feel about the selection?

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

After sitting out Day 2 of the 2016 NFL draft, the Los Angeles Rams had two selections in quick succession in the 4th Round. After selecting Jared Goff at #1 and Tyler Higbee at #110, the Rams continued to upgrade their passing attack by drafting Pharoh Cooper (WR - South Carolina) at #117.

Grade: B

A year after going all-in on the offensive line, they seem to be taking that approach with upgrading the passing attack. Justly so - the Rams were turrible in that aspect in 2015. The selection of Higbee was a product of opportunity. He fell in the draft due to his assault arrest and was a good value pick. I wonder if the Rams reached a bit with the selection of Cooper.

According to his draft profile, Cooper's game compares to former NFL WR Josh Reed. Reed never blew the competition away, but was a consistent threat for the Buffalo Bills in the 2000s. That seems to match Cooper's MO of being a consistent option for the Gamecocks the past few seasons.