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2016 NFL Draft: Grade For Los Angeles Rams Drafting Cal QB Jared Goff May Be More About Rams, Less About Goff

Bleacher Report's Mike Tanier gave the Rams a C for taking Jared Goff...and it's not really anybody's fault.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

On day one of the 2016 NFL Draft, your Los Angeles Rams grabbed their franchise QB last night by selecting Cal QB Jared Goff. With the reaction pouring in on if the Rams made the right move, Bleacher Report's Mike Tanier has weighed in:

He's isn't just a quarterback; he's a quarterback and a defensive back and a developmental lineman and that impact player in next year's draft the team wand but cannot have. He's not just an investment; he's a mortgage who forces the kind of belt-tightening that's always being felt.

Now don't get Tanier or myself confused with Jared Goff the prospect. He's definitely worthy of being the face of a franchise and the QB to build around. It just cannot be underscored how important it is for the Rams to do the real work now and surround Goff with playmakers and healthy, effective lineman to go along with a creative offensive approach.

Goff has already dealt with the immense pressure of pulling the Cal Bears football program out of the gutter and playing with a shaky supporting cast. There is no doubt that being the number one pick comes with pressure but if the Rams want to realize the full potential of Goff, they must do their very best to help minimize the pressure of Goff overcompensating for another bad supporting cast and situation:

For this pick to succeed, Goff cannot be Ryan or Andy Dalton, because the Rams are not the Mike Smith Falcons or the Cincinnati Bengals. Goff must be transcendent enough to save a franchise from itself under insanely difficult conditions. The Rams have saddled Goff with what should not be a job for Goff. It’s a job for a Luck or Manning. Or for an experienced quarterback such as Brock Osweiler (pressure-tested last year) or Ryan Fitzpatrick (could hand off to Todd Gurley and charm the crowd while the stadium is being built). Or one of the quarterbacks who was available while the Rams had all those extra picks but were quadrupling down on Sam Bradford.

Good luck, Jared Goff. There is a lot to love about your game. But the pressure is on. And on and on and on.

The Rams already have Todd Gurley and Tavon Austin in the fold. Turning around the worst offense in the league isn't an overnight process. The Rams definitely have their man at QB now but must keep him from feeling the pressure of costing all of those picks to get acquire him.

Good luck, indeed.