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2016 NFL Draft: San Francisco 49ers Draft Oregon DE DeForest Buckner

The Rams OTs will be tested by DeForest Buckner twice a year for the next half decade.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

A year after taking Oregon DE Arik Armstead at #17 overall in the 2015 draft, the San Francisco 49ers selected another Oregon product with their 2016 1st round pick. Former Oregon DE DeForest Buckner was selected by 49ers GM Trent Baalke at #7 overall.

Buckner has been compared to another NFC West DE: Calias Campbell. From Addicted to Quack, SB Nation's community for Oregon Ducks fans:

Pro Comparison:
Calias Campbell of the Arizona Cardinals seems to be the general concensus for the type of player that Buckner will be. The size of the players is very similar and the lineman for Arizona plays at a very high level. Other comparrisons liken Buckner to his former defensive lineman partner of Arik Armstead.

Campbell is a menace for the Arizona Cardinals and Buckner has the potential to be that type of player. And giving former Oregon HC and new 49ers HC Chip Kelly a chance to coach up one of his Oregon players is going to offer him a comfortable learning curve.

The 49ers have a lot to figure out before becoming serious contenders again, but this pick has the potential to cause some havoc for Greg Robinson and Rob Havenstein.