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2016 NFL Draft: LA Rams Now Looking At Logjammed QB Depth Chart

Only one QB is going to be safe the rest of the 2016 offseason.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams now have a Franchise QB. A QB of the Future. A new savior for LA. Call him what you will, new Rams QB Jared Goff - for better or worse - carries the hope of Rams fans on his shoulders. Something that Nick Foles and Case Keenum passed around like a hot potato in 2015.

Looking forward, this means that any QB not named Goff in 2016 will be fighting for their roster spots. What options do the Rams have with their other three QBs - aside from cutting them?

Case Keenum

With Goff likely needing some time to acclimate from Cal's "Bear Raid" offense to the Rams ground and pound attack. Keenum is the likely starter as Goff is groomed for the starting gig. That being said, it's possible that Keenum could fail to beat Goff out in the preseason.

Keenum has already been linked to the Denver Broncos earlier this offseason, but the Rams 1st round tender kept him in LA. If the offensive staff feels strongly enough about Goff, those trade talks may be rekindled.

Nick Foles

Foles is a sitting duck at this point. While I believe he's a better QB than Keenum, Jeff Fisher obviously feels differently. The time to cut Foles was before paying him a $6M. Now if the Rams want to save anything on his 2016 cap hit, they'll limited to the trade market. A market - according to Shefter - contains "several teams'. If there's a time to trade Foles, it's this weekend.

Sean Mannion

I honestly feel like Mannion has the best chance at sticking around of the three. He was drafted as a developmental prospect last season and continues to fill that role. You have to wonder if the Rams are taking the approach the Redskins took when drafting Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins in 2012. Sure RG3 was the QB of the future and all that, but they drafted a backup plan as well. If he sticks with the team, Mannion could eventually rise to be a potential long-term backup for Goff.