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Random Ramsdom 4/28: No More Waiting...It’s Finally Draft Day!

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Goff Considered Favorite to Be Drafted No. 1 |  L.A. Times

On Wednesday, the quarterbacks expected to be the first two players picked in the NFL draft appeared relaxed while participating in a youth fitness clinic.

Goff, Wentz Linked By Fate. Bonded by Friendship |  OC Register

Well, if you have to be linked forever to somebody, it might as well be someone you like, right?

Rams Should Draft Went Instead of Goff |  iSportsWeb

The Los Angeles Rams are most likely going to pick a quarterback with the first overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. Are they going to select the right quarterback?

Can Goff or Wentz End Rams’ QB Search? |  Mercury News

The longest-tenured quarterback in Los Angeles Rams history is keeping a watchful eye on Thursday's NFL draft.

Mike Mayock Thinks Wentz Has Tom Brady Upside, But Rams Taking Goff |  Rams Wire

In case you missed it, Mike Mayock has openly praised the massive upside that North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz possesses.

Goff Excited About Possibility of Being Rams’ QB |  Inside SoCal

Cal quarterback Jared Goff promises the Rams haven’t told him anything official yet about being the top pick in the NFL Draft on Thursday.

Jared Goff’s Rise from Marin to Cal to the Cusp of NFL Stardom |  Mercury News

Someone ought to warn Jared Goff’s future neighbors in Los Angeles or Philadelphia about his celebrations. After some Cal road victories, the quarterback would get home at 3 a.m., crank up the music and order his slumbering roommates to come join the fun.

Pocket Presence, Performance Under Pressure Make Goff the Pick for the Rams |  ESPN

The Rams look poised to make Goff the second quarterback they have taken with the first pick in the past seven years.

League Insiders Predict Draft’s Top 10 Picks (In$ider) |  ESPN

Having five personnel evaluators from NFL teams project the top 10 picks in the 2016 NFL draft seemed like a good idea. It was a good idea.

Gurley More Than Excited to Be Focal Point of Rams’ Offense (Video) |  Sports Illustrated

Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley explains what kind of season he could have if he is the focal point of the offense.

Gurley Gives Advice to Future NFL Rookies (Video) |  Pro Football Talk

Reigning Rookie of the Year Todd Gurley joins the show to discuss the talent of Ezekiel Elliott, main lessons learned early in his first season, his own draft experience and the advice he's given to Jaylon Smith.

Rams’ Five Worst Draft Picks of All Time |  Ramblin Fan

Having the No. 1 overall pick hasn’t always worked out for the Rams when it comes to quarterbacks.

Rams’ 2016 Draft Guide and Full Preview |  Bleacher Report

This article will break down the entire Rams draft, including the team's top needs, top targets, the latest rumors, an updated mock draft and more.

Kurt Warner Talks New L.A. Rams Team |  Newsy

The most talked about NFL team this offseason is undoubtedly the LA Rams, and that's largely because just months ago they were the St. Louis Rams.

Sport Science: How Goff, Wentz Compare to NFL QB’s

Daniel Jeremiah Talks Goff, Wentz