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TST Roundtable: Evaluating Jared Goff's Potential Fit in Rams Offense

The Rams are set to take the Cal product to kick off the 2016 NFL draft. What does the staff think of his fit with the team?

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Immediately following the Los Angeles Rams trade to #1 in the 2016 NFL Draft, the conversation regarding the team's first round pick changed. Trading up a record 14 slots was a shocking development and a desperate move to both make a splash in LA and get the QB the Rams so desperately need.

In the days and weeks that followed, the Jared Goff vs. Carson Wentz debate has slowly morphed into a steadily growing belief that the Rams will select the Cal QB with the 1st overall selection tomorrow evening.

With our favorite NFL franchise about to heave it's future onto the shoulders of a 21 year old QB, what do the writers of TST think of the Rams potential selection of Goff and his potential fit in a Rams offense severely lacking potential right now?

BMule (@_BMule)

I'm not quite sure if Goff is "THE" guy. Is he Eli Manning or Sam Bradford? Or somewhere in between? I do think he is the right QB for the Rams, though. I actually think people have it backwards when saying Wentz fits what Rams want to do. That's Goff, in my opinion.

A facilitator for the dink and dunk that works off running game with accurate throws type of QB. I don't see Rams making drastic changes in philosophy. But he seems to do that well therefore making him the most "Rams-proof" (that's a real thing) Goff can be successful with the Rams as long as he isn't asked to do too much and Gurley is keeping defenses honest. His footwork and pocket presence are already the best on the team and should be able to transition to playing under center quickly because of it.

EddieP (@iAmEddieP_)

Is Goff the right pick out of the two quarterbacks? Yes. He's more pro ready.

Will he succeed with the Rams? Well that's a tough one. The Rams have been unable to develop offensive talent, and that is terrifying. He also does not the best supporting cast around him, but he didn't have that at Cal either. So, maybe he's accustomed to shining up turds. He'll need that skill to make this receiving corps serviceable.

With that said, Goff will probably have as much success as Keenum with this offense. If he can elevate his WRs, we are on to something.

Elijah Kim (@TST_Eli)

With Jared Goff seeming to be the choice for the Rams, we have to wonder why the Rams took this risk in mortgaging essentially the next two drafts of premium picks for him. While Goff is certainly worthy of a top 15 pick in the draft, he is not the prospect of the caliber of Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Andrew Luck, etc.

Coming into the draft, I felt as though Goff was the more "sure" pick in terms of the top QB’s. He’s had a good college career, helping turn around a once dismal 1-11 team into a respectable bowl eligible squad with new coach.

Goff doesn’t have the mobility of Lynch or cannon arm of Wentz. He didn’t play in a pro-style system or make his own protection calls. He didn’t even have a "signature" win against an elite team. However, Goff has some very good to great tools that make him a good fit for any team.

Goff can make all the NFL throws. Sure his ball may wobble a little bit here and there due to this small hands and inconsistent mechanics, but overall, his placement is solid. In addition, he runs through his progressions very well. Most impressively for me though is his pocket awareness. Goff has the uncanny ability to avoid the rush in the pocket, keep his eyes down the field, and pass the ball with adequate accuracy to give his teammates a chance.

I’m not necessarily thrilled with this move because I don’t think the Rams are just a QB away from becoming a contending franchise. There are many other holes to fill which will be a challenge with the limited draft capital left. Overall though, this is a quarterback driven league and it was about time the Rams invested heavily in one with their actions and not just their words.

misone (@MightyOrMisone)

I'm in the minority here. I'm still not convinced Goff's going to be the pick. Not until I see the card handed in and his name announced. It just doesn't make as much sense to me knowing what Fisher has always wanted under center. This Goff talk in the media seems off. And it lacks consistency.

First it was Wentz. Then Goff. Then back and forth now Goff. Everything says sources this and sources that. Sounds like the Rams are leaking multiple reports to keep the confusion and anticipation high. If Goff is the pick, I think he can succeed. He has one of the quickest releases I have seen in years. He also has the best feet in the pocket I have seen in about 10 years. No exaggeration there.

I question how soon he will adapt to an NFL playbook and it's concepts. His spread offense does not translate to the Rams game at all. The Rams ran plays from shotgun a league low with 384 snaps. He'll have to learn to drop back. I think it's being grossly devalued, in regards to the ability to drop back quickly and maintain proper footwork to deliver with accuracy and balance.

Also, play-action was run by the Rams as much as anyone, and it takes time to learn this. You literally are taking your eyes off the defense and your receivers. When you turn around you have far less time to locate the right place to go than a regular drop back.

Having never played in a system where he huddled and called the plays is another thing. He simply looked to the sideline then snapped the ball. All of these things will take an adjustment as they are all a part of transitioning to a pro style offense. And they are all the things Fisher wants. Goff can be good but it will take some time. If he's the pick, fans had better tamper expectations and expect Fisher to have a new 4 year leash.

RamBuck (@lannyosu)

Between the two QB's, Goff is likely the best fit for what the Rams want to do ASAP: pair a quick-footed, above average processing, gifted at pocket-maneuvering 21 year old QB prospect, adept at dropping the ball in a bucket downfield, with #30 and #11 to create a play-action based vertical offense that takes advantage of a fully loaded box.

Goff has taken many shots over his career, due to a limited supporting cast, but did not appear to regress in his mechanics or his accuracy as a result. This is promising. He usually keeps his eyes downfield when under pressure, and will of course make the occasional mental error or poor read, but he is always looking to make a long completion. This is both good and bad.

The good is that he wants chunk yardage on every play, and will buy as much time as possible for his receivers. The bad is that this can get him sacked, hit, and hurried into poor throws. He will have to learn how to check down in this offense, due to the lack of reliable targets in the short/intermediate passing game.

He can succeed with the Rams moving forward if the Rams find him a reliable safety blanket, ala Tony Gonzalez, Anquan Boldin, or Jason Witten to give Goff a dump off that is not Todd Gurley. This did wonders for Matt Ryan early in his career. Such a TE or WR may fall to the Rams in the 4th round, but there are no guarantees. Also, the Rams interior OL really needs to firm up for Goff to have success, as he is a pocket climber. This means Saffold/Barnes/Brown must be better.

Sean Wilkinson (@Papa_Lurch)

I'll admit... I waffled on the QB debate for a long time. After the college football season I was hoping upon hope that Goff would fall to the Rams - particularly after his performance in the Armed Forces Bowl. I then fell victim to the combine process where Wentz blew away the measurables and made me a believer. Fast forward a few weeks and I again find myself in the Goff camp - this time because of an article on ESPN that 3k hit on earlier today.

I'm a numbers guy, so that article spoke to me. I saw how effective Goff was under pressure, how he performed in the Red Zone and on tough downs/distance and immediately knew he was the best fit at QB for this team.

Goff will be asked to create time for sub-par receivers while under pressure from a still developing OL. The red zone efficiency was just the icing on the cake.

northwestRAMSfan (@troilus22)

I am not a QB scout or a draft expert. I really haven't spent that much time on draft prep this year. After the Rams big move to the top spot of the draft, I have tried to do a little research on both Wentz and Goff. It certainly appears as if Goff is the pick, so I have spent extra time reading about him.

First I would say either one of these QBs has the capability of being an above average starter for an NFL team. The real question is will they be successful with the Rams? I like Goff for the Rams because of two key strengths. He has exceptional footwork, and decision making both inside the Red Zone and under pressure. The Rams passing game lacks receivers who can consistently win one on one, which means the QB needs to be able to navigate the pocket and throw guys open. That is one of the things that Goff's primary two strengths both feed into.

He has great pocket presence and anticipation. He has the ability to succeed with the Rams, both near and long term, the question is can the Rams staff put him in a position to succeed. That's the biggest risk with drafting a QB for the Rams. Since Marc Bulger the organization has shown zero ability to find or develop a NFL caliber QB. Even with a "sure thing" such as Sam Bradford. There are pieces in place to support Goff, but this offense isn't an average QB away from being good. This will take patience, and plenty of it.

Tevin Broner (@T_Bron)

Goff is the right pick for the Rams. He's young - possesses a great pocket presence - and he's looked good on struggling teams. He might not be Andrew Luck, but he should be a damn good QB.

3k (@3k_)

We're gonna need a bigger boat.