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Is Donte Whitner Signing With the L.A. Rams? His Follow Button Would Lead You To Believe So

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

A little over two weeks ago, free agent safety Donte Whitner tweeted a pic of a plane ticket showing he was wheels up, from MIA to LA. Ok. No big deal.

But some were interested in knowing whether his trip to the west coast was business or pleasure. Could "Hitner" have been visiting with the Los Angeles Rams?

Despite receiving several thousand tweets about the matter, I’m sure, he remained quiet on the matter. But he continued sending subliminal messages on his timeline; like tweeting out "310" the area code in L.A., and preaching patience.

Ok, we get the message.

But, I’ve also been clicking one particular button on his Twitter page to see if anything had changed: the "follow" button.

Whitner’s last follow, when I checked a few days ago, was comedian Martin Lawrence. But that wasn’t the case on Tuesday morning...

I suppose it’s entirely possible Hitner bumped into a slew of Rams’ players during his recent visits to L.A., and just so happened to follow them all at once on Twitter. But I’d say that’s highly unlikely. It should also be noted his bio now reads "Cleveland OH Miami FL LA."

It’s also possible the Rams’ are holding off on the official signing because they don’t want to tip their hand in the upcoming draft, though hard-hitting safety certainly isn’t at the top of the team’s priorities.

We’ll await official word on the matter, but it appears as though the 30-year old free agent safety may have found a new the NFL.