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Random Ramsdom 4/26: Vernon Adams is Better than Jared Goff (or so he says)

It's always nice for a player to have confidence, so we can't knock him for that... but, let's hope the Rams don't share Adams' sentiment.

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--- Prospect Highlight: Carson Wentz ---
Though many favor Goff-to-Rams now, here's a look at  Wentz.

--- What the Rams Want in #1 Pick ---
Here's what the Rams are looking for other than, you know, obviously a QB.

--- #1 Picks Since 2000 ---
A look at the millenium's top picks.

--- Rams 90-95% Sure of Pick ---
As they should be, but here's some confirmation.

--- Rams Line Mostly Set ---
After spending a bevy of picks on the line recently, the line is (somewhat) secure.

--- Todd McShay Draft Preview ---
McShay breaks down the draft.

--- Rams' Best Draft Class ---
The Rams have drafted some quality players over the years, but none beat this class.

--- Rams 7 Round Mock ---
The 7 round mock isn't as exciting as it was a couple months ago, but here it is.


--- Rams Need WR Help ---
They can no longer address this issue in the draft ,(presumably) which means they'll need to do so elsewhere.

--- Several Teams Interested in Foles ---
Maybe the Broncos, maybe Chip Kelly--but Foles is drawing interest.

Around the NFL

--- Four Trades We'd Love to See ---
No Foles trade listed, but there is a Bradford sighting.

--- Brady's Suspension Returns ---
After thinking he evaded suspension, Brady is now back where he was last offseason.

--- Vernon Adams, Better than Goff? ---
Adams thinks so, but who else does? Then again, who wants an unconfident QB?