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Random Ramsdom 22 April: Goff Trending Up

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Mock Draft Roundup | SB Nation NFL

Are we starting to come to a consensus?

Josh Norman Likely to get 'Massive' Contract | Bleacher Report

Could the Rams make another splash move?

Takeaways from Goff's LA Visit | Rams Official Website

Option #1a, Rams fans.

Takeaways from Wentz's LA Visit

Option #1b, Rams fans.

Proof Positive that the Grass isn't Always Greener | ESPN

A year after the trade that altered both franchises, they sit 1,2 in the draft..... both still looking for a QB

Rams London Trip to be Tough Traveling | Bleacher Report

The opponent won't be tough, but as someone with 1st hand experience flying that far.... it's not a fun experience.

Kiper Mocks Goff | ESPN

The most famous hair on ESPN thinks the Rams are leaning towards Goff with the 1st pick

Will the Rams target a TE in the 4th round?

I think Kendricks is being underestimated, but the need for pass catching options is glaring.

Trade Puts Snead on Hot Seat | ESPN

The hottest according to John Clayton. Keep in mind that neither him nor Fisher have contracts past 2016.

Rams, Eagles Defy Logic to Get 'Franchise' QB | FOX Sports

Pretty interesting read on the ups and downs of the QB's draft stock.

2015 RB Class Revitalized Position |

When was the last time RBs were looked at as "Franchise Changing"?

Rams Big Board | PFF

The top of the board is confusing, but here's the data if you're interested.