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Thursday Evening Open Thread: Let’s Talk About Stuff

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening, Rams’ fans. Hoping this one finds you well. Slow news day, eh? I suppose it’s to be expected following yesterday...where trades were happening, and stud players were being released.

Surely there’s something we can chat about though. It’s an open thread, so feel free to open it up to...well, just about anything. But, as always, play nice.


No no, not the Rams. Basketball...or hockey. Surely you’re tuning into a postseason (or two) and have a team you’re rooting for.  I root for all the local teams [D.C. area], with the exception of football. My Caps have been beating up on the Flyers and it makes me ever so happy.

How about you? Steph Curry seems to be a bit nicked up at the most inopportune time of the year. They take on the Rockets tonight.

Anywho...who ya watching these days?

The Trade Up to No. 1

I’m still not certain how I feel about the Rams’ trade with the Titans. I fully understand how important the quarterback position is, and I know that it’s not impossible, but extremely difficult, to win without one.  That said, just because a QB goes No. 1 overall doesn’t necessarily mean they turn out to be a stud in the NFL.  Trust me, I’ve seen it happen...

How about you? Regardless of who they take (Goff/Wentz/etc.), do you like the trade up to 1? Would have have rather seen the Rams stay put at 15? Trade down and get more picks?

Who’s a Player on the Rams You Have High Hopes for in 2016?

We all know that Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley are going to be studs. But if the team is going to be successful this year, they’re going to need some help from an unexpected source.  Who’s the guy that steps up, plays big this year, and helps the Rams in a big way?

Rob Havenstein? Mo Alexander? E.J. Gaines? Ethan Westbrooks? Benny Cunningham? Who ya got?

Who’s Going to be the Rams’ Leading Receiver in 2016?

Part of the reason I’m not in love with the Rams’ trade up to 1 is that I thought we could do some serious damage with three picks inside the top 45...potentially three starters.  And I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d be down with them taking two WR’s in the first three picks, despite how unrealistic that may have been. But surely they would’ve taken one!

Wrong. And now we’re left with - at least for the time being - the same corps of wideouts from 2015. The Britt-Austin-Quick-Marquez-Kendricks-Welker-maybe-Stedman bunch won’t intimidate many defenses, but one of them is going to lead the team in catches/yards this season. Britt lead the pack last year with a whopping 681 yards.

Who do you have your money on?

Who’s the 4th or 6th Round Prospect You’re Most Interested In?

The Rams have two 4th round picks (110,113) and two 6th round picks (177, 190). We know damn well they’re taking Jared Goff at one, so who ELSE are you looking forward to them drafting?

And, using the draft trade value chart, the Rams could bundle ALL FOUR of them and move into the 3rd round (approximately pick 83). Would you consider that, or do the Rams have too many holes that still need filling?