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2016 NFL Draft: The Los Angeles Rams' Goff and Wentz Debate Continues On

An ESPN panel has NFL experts leaning towards Goff as the majority choice.

With just over a week left until the Rams make their selection, ESPN's NFL experts decide on who they liked better between Cal QB Jared Goff and North Dakota St. QB Carson Wentz (ESPN Insider).

While not an unanimous choice, out of 13 experts  nine chose Goff citing his accuracy, mental toughness, and favorite trait of all, pocket presence. Most of the experts also did preface their answers saying that they could see an argument for both, for what it's worth.

For those who chose Wentz, they really were enamored with the quarterback "tools" that Wentz possessed, including his mental makeup, strong arm, tall but muscular build, and upside.

The only NFL comparison mentioned for Goff was that he reminded some of Matt Ryan for the Falcons.

Regardless, it seems at though that the consensus is that both of the quarterbacks have the tools and mental makeup to be a "franchise quarterback" but it may take some time for each of the players to develop to be "that guy".

Regardless of who the experts believe the Rams should take, the pick comes down to Jeff Fisher and Les Snead.  If history has taught us anything about their selections, it's that they tend to prefer potential over floor leading me to believe that Wentz will likely be the pick come time for the 2016 NFL Draft.