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Random Ramsdom 4/19: The Rams Aren't a QB Away

Many, many people love to suggest this, but realistically, a QB doesn't guarantee success. Look at the Broncos last year--they succeeded without a QB. Look at the Saints--they've been pretty bad with Drew Brees as of late.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


--- Rams Begin Offseason Program in Oxnard ---
A new era is underway: the California era.

--- Rams Start Offseason in Oxnard ---
Yesterday, the Rams began workouts with strength and conditioning.

--- Keenum Signs RFA Tender ---
Keenum will be back, though he'll have a tough time winning the starting job.

--- Rams Meet with Whitner ---
It seems likely Donte Whitner will be joining the Rams.


--- McDonald: "I'm excited to be back in Cali" ---
A former USC player, McDonald is back in SoCal.

--- Robert Quinn: "This is my new home" ---
Some other plays, such as Quinn, are joining California for the first time.

--- Austin: "I'm thankful and ready to get to work" ---
Tavon Austin shared some words as well.

--- Johnson: "It's a fun time to be a Ram" ---
Some true words said by Tru.

--- LA Rams Made Risky But Calculated Move ---
Some think the trade up was a solid move by the Rams.

--- T.O., Rams? ---
Rams need WRs, and T.O. needs him some football... eh, match?

--- Rams Don't Want to Model After Chiefs ---
Though they could've fooled us last year, the Rams want to have an explosive offense in the future.

--- 2016 Schedule ---
Here's what it looks like for next season.

--- Mason's Situation Opens Door for RB ---
Just please, please not in the draft.


--- Mock Draft Roundup ---
The previous mock draft roundups can all be tossed in the garbage, so here's the newest one.

--- History Suggests Rams Take Wentz ---
Fisher, high-upside, small school QB, makes sense.

--- Fisher Succeeded with a Small School QB ---
Steve McNair, practically the only man Fisher HAS succeeded with.

--- Analysts Lean Toward Wentz ---
It seems many are leaning towards Wentz, but that can't discredit Goff.

Around the NFL

--- Appeals Court Confirms Concussion Settlement ---
The NFL has lost the court battle.

--- Color Rush Uniforms Leaked? ---
Take a look.