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Los Angeles Rams: Terrell Owens Knows the Rams Need a Wide Receiver. And He Can Be That Guy

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

"Under the right situation, I would consider it."

That’s what former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens had to say Monday on the Rich Eisen Show, upon being asked about his willingness to return to the league. But Owens, who ranks second behind Jerry Rice in all-time receiving yardage, did hint at one particular team that could use his services.

That team is the Los Angeles Rams. Owens accurately identifies the Rams’ needs at QB and WR, but notes the team’s move to the top of the draft - assuming they take a QB - would only address half of those requirements. "They need a quarterback, obviously...and they're going to need someone to throw it to."

Concerns about his age or ability? T.O. addresses them. Worried about the boisterous veteran’s influence on a young team? Nonsense. [Jump to 15:08 mark]

Owens talks about the Rams entering the L.A. scene with style by "making a big splash." The draft trade with the Titans was certainly a solid start. And I imagine signing one of the most spirited receivers to ever play the game would increase popcorn consumption drastically, as Rams’ fans settle in to watch the team on HBO’s Hard Knocks this August.