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2016 NFL Draft: Did The LA Rams Give Up Too Much To Trade Up To #1?

The Rams have attained the number one draft pick for the 2016 Draft...but at what cost?

Just as I was preparing to drop my mock draft 3.0, and watching Kobe Bryant put on a show in his final game, and Stephen Curry continue his absolute dominance, the Rams dropped the bomb.

Though they kept it quiet until the next morning, I was blown away when I saw the news. My initial reaction was obviously excitement as a move to one can only mean one thing, they're drafting a QB. And me personally, as if it's not already known, I've been high on Carson Wentz since last summer. Naturally I'm feeling pretty good.

But then the reality of the trade kicks in. I eventually get out of fan mode and back into fair critic mode. The haul the Rams sent and what they got back was jaw dropping to say the least.


The Rams gave up 2 firsts, 2 seconds, and 2 third round picks. The Rams are now left with these draft picks for 2016...

Round Overall In Round
1 #1 #1
4 #110 #12
4 #113 #15
6 #177 #2
6 #190 #15

That's tough to look at. There's not much to do for the next day and a half after Rams fans watch the selection of the first pick.

Let's look at this from an extremely realistic point of view. No team was going to match the Rams offer. It is clear that Les Snead and Jeff Fisher wanted to blow any competition out of the water. But of the teams possibly interested in trading up (the Eagles, 49ers, Cowboys) none had the ammunition to do it like the Rams.

In all honesty I believe the Rams could have pulled off this trade with just 2 firsts, a second round pick this year, and the two third round picks. In the absolute worst case scenario they would have had to give up both seconds this year and keep their 2017 third round pick instead.  But I believe the latter would have only been relevant had one of the other teams been willing to offer six picks. I just don't see it happening.

More so, I really hope the talk of the Rams not having set in on their decision is complete bullshit. Because otherwise this trade is one of the dumbest in history. It would be up there with the Ricky Williams trade the Saints pulled off in 1998. Simply put, you don't make trades to see what it's like to have the choice to pick whoever you want. You make trades, especially ones of this magnitude, because you are sold beyond belief on the player you have in mind. I don't care who's available, it could be Peyton "frickin" Manning and Tom Brady you're choosing between. If you don't know who you want and think the best guy for your team, you don't make that move.

All in all, the Rams gave up a lot of draft capitol to move up to the number one overall slot. This is a team that has holes and depth issues at center, receiver, corner, safety, kicker, and the defensive line. They don't have an overly creative offensive coordinator to mask the holes on offense. Gregg Williams is creative enough to not receive another addition on defense and still at least put a solid-ok unit on the field. Not sure the same can be said about the offense.

Now here's what keeps hope alive. There's some things I am sure Fisher and Snead are banking on to make this trade a little less impact-ful on their future drafts. Due to the loss of both Janoris Jenkins and Rodney McLeod, the Rams have a legitimate shot at getting a third and fourth round pick in compensation for the 2017 draft. Jenkins and McLeod both landed huge contracts, and are headed for some big roles with their new teams. With compensatory picks becoming eligible for trading next season, the Rams could have a second, third, and two fourth round picks next year, which isn't as bad as a second and a fourth, through the first four rounds.

Also, it's probably safe to say Nick Foles is as good as gone. Surely the Rams are looking to ship him out some time between now and the end of the draft. It's possible they could get a team like the Broncos, who might be desperate enough to give up a fifth round pick for Foles. Tre Mason could very well be getting shopped as well. So what happens when the Rams add one of those fourth round picks, and next years fifth into the the trade with Foles? Is it possible the Rams could land a second or third round pick this year?

The Rams can go many ways right now. One thing I think is for sure, is that they're likely not done moving around. But as it stands now, I would have to say, the Rams did indeed give up too much. The Rams have only one premium pick as it stands right now for the next two years after they pick their first pick.

Whoever they pick, they have more pressure on them then the average first overall pick. No team in the history of the draft has ever made a jump this far, for pick number one. After making this move, the pick can't be good. He has to be great. And when I say great, he better toss over 3800 yards and 22 touchdowns as a rookie, win a ring or two, and be a legit perennial pro bowl player.

All I have to say to that player with this coaching staff, and lack of depth -- whether it's Wentz of Jared Goff -- Godspeed young man, Godspeed....