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Random Ramsdom 4/15/16: Rams Trade Up to First Overall Pick

The Rams make a HUGE move. Trade up to the First Overall Pick.

Rams Nation woke up to some VERY BIG Draft News.  The Los Angeles Rams traded up for the first overall pick.

Titans-Rams Trade Details

Nine draft selections were exchanged in Thursday's trade that sent the 2016 No. 1 overall pick to the Los Angeles Rams

'16 1st (15th overall) '16 1st (1st overall)
'16 2nd (43) '16 4th (113)
'16 2nd (45) '16 6th (177)
'16 3rd (76)
'17 1st-round pick

'17 third-round pick

Rams Trade Up to Number One Overall Pick | ESPN
The Rams make the move to pick first overall

Adam Schefter Reports that the Rams are Leaning Towards Goff | ESPN
ESPN's Adam Schefter believes the Rams are leaning towards Cal QB, Jared Goff

Conflicting Reports on Who Rams are Targeting | NBC Sports
There are conflicting reports on who the Rams are eyeing.  Some say Goff, others say Wentz

An Argument of Why the Trade is a Good Gamble |
Our Tevin Broner breaks down why he believes this deal is a "smart gamble" from Snisher for a Franchise QB

Whoever the Pick is, Expect to Pay More | Fox Business
Fox breaks down the income tax discrepancy between St. Louis and Los Angeles for the first overall pick

Deadspin Breaks Down Why the Rams Made the Deal | Deadspin
Mainly the deal was made due to "selfish interests" according to Deadspin

NFL Players React to Rams Deal | Fox Sports
Other players in the league react to the trade that shook up the NFL Draft

The TSTers Share Their Thoughts on the Deal | Turf Show Times
The Turf Show Times contributors share their thoughts on the trade (no one really likes it)

What the Trade Means for the Rest of the NFL | ESPN
Bill Barnwell breaks down what the trade does to the rest of the league (somehow the Browns lose most?)

Grading the Swap with Charts | ESPN
ESPN's stats guys break down the trade via 3 different ways including the Jimmy Johnson Chart

Mel Kiper Breaks Down Some Takeaways from the Trade | ESPN Insider
Mel Kiper breaks down the trade, with the biggest takeaway being that both QBs may not be ready for Week 1

The Rams Show Respect to Kobe | GQ
The Rams and Titans actually completed their trade before Kobe's last game

Jared Goff Highlights

Carson Wentz Highlights