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USC Requests No Monday Night Football Home Games For Rams

The Rams will play two primetime games in 2016, but none of them on Monday Night Football. One of the reasons why? The University of Southern California asked the NFL not to give them any.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Well here's an interesting wrinkle.

On the NFL Network's broadcast of the 2016 NFL regular season schedule release, Rich Eisen revealed one of the reasons the Los Angeles Rams won't host any Monday Night Football games this season: because the University of Southern California asked the NFL not to award them any.

Now perhaps we'll get some more details as to how this went down, but essentially Eisen indicated the school didn't want a Monday Night Football broadcast (and the delightful chaos it brings) on/near campus on a schoolnight.

On top of that, Eisen noted the university also requested the Rams not hold any home games following a USC home game. That latter request seems not to have been granted though on two occasions:

- USC hosts Colorado on Saturday, Oct. 8. The Rams will play the Buffalo Bills in the Coliseum the following day.

- USC will play Oregon at home on Saturday, Nov. 5. The Rams come out of a bye against the Carolina Panthers the next day.

Let's see if we get some clarification on the MNF issue and the back-to-back games that could chop up the field in the Coliseum to a pretty unwelcome degree by season's end.