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Rams Trade For 2016 NFL Draft #1 Overall Pick - The TST Staff Reaction

Here's what the Turf Show Times Staff has to say about big trade today.

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Eric Nagel

This is beyond stupid.

Not to mention that no QB should ever feel safe if playing for Jeff Fisher again - but it's stupid. The Rams offense is not a QB away. The Rams offense doesn't even flow through a quarterback. Drafting Wentz - who isn't even the best QB in the draft - with the #1 overall pick could work out. But if the team thinks this will transform the offense, then Jeff Fisher is more delusional than we thought.


Welp. I can't knock the Rams for having brass balls. This is bold.

Wentz is just as polarizing as Paxton Lynch for me. I don't get enamored over QB arm strength. There are plenty of rough edges that Wentz will need buffed out to become a truly great franchise QB.

The Rams offensive staff is...suspect. Based on the picks given up, the Rams think they can get that done. I was really looking forward to seeing what the Rams would do with their two second round picks. They have to find a way to bring in more weapons for the offense. They aren't a Carson Wentz away.

What a doozy of a trade.


Jeff Fisher has always been willing to make a deal on draft day. But this move speaks to the desperation that long-time coaches feel when they get to a certain age and they no longer have the patience or the vision to stick to a long-term plan. Mike Ditka got there in New Orleans, trading his whole draft away for Ricky Williams. Mike Shanahan got there in Washington, hobbling three drafts for RG3. Jeff Fisher has officially reached the "f*** it I'm all in" point of this poker game. And he's betting on a 7-9 off suit.


First thought is are you freakin kidding me? There is no Andrew Luck or Peyton Manning in this draft. Obviously the Rams are going after their QB of the future. On one hand at least they have made a bold move to address the games most important position. The only problem is if they don't absolutely nail the selection this move sets the franchise back for a long time. If Wentz or Goff or whoever they are looking at doesn't turn into a Franchise QB then Todd Gurley turns into SJ39 2.0. One of the greatest talents of his generation wasted on a losing franchise. The Rams were already short of picks for this draft and are now left with virtually no draft capital. Whoever the pick is at #1 has to contribute immediately and be a difference maker.


Two 1st rounders, two 2nd rounders, & two 3rd rounders for a Carson Wentz (presumably) is a shit load to pay. Prime draft picks for a QB that'll most likely buy Fisher & co. more time, and will keep the Rams under .500.

Shit trade.


After spending most of free agency bringing back their own free agents, and signing DE Coples and CB Sensabaugh to fill roles on defense, the LA Rams find themselves in roughly the same place on offense (which is not great). Bringing back WR Brian Quick, in his 5th year, on a 1-year deal is a roll of the dice that he will show more than the flashes he did in early 2014 (2 years ago). Their leading receiver last year caught only 52 passes (Austin). None of their QB's are ascending prospects, including Mannion who appears to have a ceiling as a backup QB in the NFL. However, Keenum and Foles have starting experience and are capable of keeping the seat warm for a franchise caliber QB. So, the Rams made the bold move to trade to #1 to get a franchise QB. This is fine in concept, but the Rams have enough holes on offense that doing so will hurt the opportunity to add difference makers at the tight end and wide receiver positions. Sure, they could get a couple guys in the draft to contribute, but who is going to catch the ball from Wentz/Goff?

Sean Wilkinson

Welcome to LA Rams fans! It didn't take the Rams long to pick up the LA flair. A day after Kobe went out in style, the Rams steal the spotlight by trading for the #1 pick. It's a huge move for the team - and it cost a shit-ton of draft capital.

While I love the fact that they're finally making a move for a franchise QB, you have to wonder about the motivations behind the move for Snisher. Are they doing it to buy some time? Or do they truly believe that Wentz/Goff will change the fortunes of this team? Fisher will have 'his guy' at QB (again). We will see what he can make of it this go 'round.

Tevin Broner

The trade was big, no doubt. Fisher knows he needs a QB, regardless of who they pick this was needed to bring in a new era. It sounds like te pick will be Wentz and they could do a lot worse. He has everything Jeff would want. Hopefully he is better than Bradfors

Elijah Kim

The Rams have finally done what most fans have clamored for. They made a splash, trading up for the number one overall pick. While they gave up the King's Ransom for the pick, a short breakdown makes some logical sense as to why they would do it.

Yes, this is a boatload of picks for the Titans, but I believe Snisher thought this through. The 43rd overall pick was via the Sam Bradford trade. The Rams will likely get a 3rd round compensatory selection in 2017. Most importantly, it buys Snisher some time. They have received the approval to trade for (from Kroenke I hope) and pick "their guy", after lying to everyone about Sam Bradford and Case Keenum being "their guys".

While I'm not so sure about Wentz (the presumed choice) being the savior, that is not my expertise and I'm not a scout - along with the rest of my colleagues (as much as we'd love to think we are). The Rams made the splash necessary to position themselves for the draft. Fans have begged the Rams to position themselves to obtain a franchise quarterback. They are presently on the verge of doing so. Now they just have to pick the right guy.


Football is boring.