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Greg Robinson Excelling in OL Performance Institute

The Rams LT may be beginning to capitalize on his vast potential

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago we first got word that Rams LT Greg Robinson had started working with former Pro-Bowl center LeCharles Bentley at his performance institute. It was a very positive development for Robinson - who has done little to live up to his #2 overall selection in 2014.

Tonight on his Twitter page, Bentley tweeted a video of lifts and drills that he has G-Rob doing. I'll be the first to tell you that I'm not an OL expert, but the centerpiece of the Rams OL plans certainly seems to make these look easy. Have a look.

I'm not the only one that's impressed either.....

Whether these workouts with Bentley prove fruitful in 2016 remains to be seen, but the fact that Robinson is taking this initiative is extremely promising.