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LA Rams' GM Les Snead Attends TCU Pro Day, Checking Out Josh Doctson?

In need of a receiver, Los Angeles Rams GM Les Snead is on the prowl looking for talent. His last known appearance? Visiting the TCU campus.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles General Manager Les Snead attended TCU's Pro Day this week, and it seems as though Snead might have had a specific player in mind:

The player in question is redshirt senior Josh Doctson who plays a position that the Rams desperately need help at: wide receiver.

Obviously, the Rams are going to visit multiple pro days. Earlier this week Snead visited Ole Miss to watch Laquon Treadwells' workout.

Yes, the Rams could be doing their due diligence on Doctson, but it could be indictive of how much the Rams like him. The Minnesota Vikings head coach and GM were also in attendance as the Cincinnati Bengals had staff at the pro day as as well.

Here are a couple of highlights from his pro day:

Doctson was productive in his final two years at TCU, with his senior year being very impressive with 79 catches, 1,327 receiving yards and an astonishing into 14 visits to the endzone, all of which took place before suffering a wrist injury that would cause him to miss three games.

At the end of the month, this visit could mean nothing, as the Rams could find themselves not in position to draft him. It does seem as though Snead did show geniune interest in Doctson.

Although the Rams might not draft Doctson in the first round, doing due diligence never hurts...