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Report: Fisher Showed Interest In Robert Griffin III

The Rams needed a QB, and Robert Griffin was an option before he was signed by the Cleveland Browns. Now comes news that former Washington Head Coach Mike Shanahan did talk to Fisher about RG3...

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes in life, one party shows more interest in you than you do them. There's nothing wrong with it. It's life. It happens at times.

This seemed to be the case when Robert Griffin III showed interest in joining the Los Angeles Rams and the Rams decided not to bring him in for a workout. RGIII would go on to sign with the Cleveland Browns.

It seemed as though there was no interest from the Rams into RG3. However ESPN staff writer, John Keim, revealed an interesting tidbit in his article about RG3 and Mike Shanahan:

But Shanahan said he spoke with Griffin after calling Rams coach Jeff Fisher, initially to discuss another matter, and telling him, "I'd take him if I were you." Shanahan said no other team called to ask his opinion about Griffin.

Now, it doesn't say that the Rams were entirely interested in acquiring him, but it does show that the team isn't just siting on eggshells waiting for a QB to fall in their lap.

Why didn't the Rams show more interest? Well Shanahan also talked about the type of offense that he felt would be the best fit for him.

Griffin reportedly balked at continuing in the zone read after his rookie year. But Shanahan said he told Griffin that's the style he needs to play.

Shanahan said Cleveland coach Hue Jackson would be good for Griffin because he has run multiple styles, in coaching different quarterbacks. Shanahan said during Griffin's rookie year that the zone read protected him from getting hit more than he would have in the pocket, and that Griffin would take time to develop as a passer because the system he used in college was so different than what was used in the NFL.

The Rams wouldn't have changed the offense for RG3 since they wouldn't have much invested in the QB and with their other QB's being classic drop back passers, it wouldn't have made much sense.

Let's think of it this way, bringing in a QB for a year, changing the offense so that it will be easier for him, really doesn't make sense when you're a team relocating and trying to make the playoffs.

Honestly on paper it did feel like an easy marriage, but it's hard to assume that the Rams and Griffin would have been a match made in heaven. He's a rehabilitation effort for the Rams who needed a starter and no matter how easy it seems on paper, bringing in a player that doesn't fit the scheme is never a great idea, especially if it is at the QB position.