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Rams QB Dreams Dashed on Opening Day of Free Agency

Wanted the Rams to follow through on 'Priority A'? Yeah... that didn't happen. How about an upgrade at QB? Nah! We have Case Keenum!

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

After clearing some major cap room earlier in the offseason, Rams fans were optimistic about their favorite team's ability to improve the roster. Jeff Fisher and Co. had $60M to improve the team. Prospective free agents were saying all of the right things and the Rams seemed to be heading in the right direction - and I'm not talking moving west to LA..

Fans were hopeful that the Rams would look into upgrading at QB, that they could lock up the core of the defense, or that they might make a splash with L.A. native Alex Mack. With $60M in cap space heading into free agency, fans heads were spinning with all of the possibilities.

The 48 hour tampering period has seen a lot of action - nearly all of it negative for the Rams. I hope the front office has a Plan B, because 'Priority A' has blown up in their face.

As the free agency entered into the 'legal tampering' period, it became clear that the #PackageDeal was complete bull shit. Jenkins and McLeod agreed to terms with what were likely the highest bidders.

Following this development, Rams fans turned their collective eyes towards Brock Osweiler, but were too late to get in on the bidding - even if they were interested. As the 2016 league year approached, it became clear that the QB position is not something Fisher and Snead were interested in upgrading.

The Rams chose to focus their time on their own, and got burned - BAD. Where are they focusing their efforts after seeing 2 DB starters walk away from Los Angeles? Who knows... but we do know that it's not at the QB position.

While there is always a dearth of experienced options at QB in free agency, the 2016 crop of free agents provided plenty of intrigue. While there is no sure-fire Franchise QB, there are certainly some intriguing options out there.

Robert Griffin III and Brock Osweiler certainly aren't Pro-Bowl level players heading into the 2016 league year, but Rams fans have viewed them as upgrades over what the team currently has on the roster. There was also Chase Daniel, who for some forsaken reason was viewed by some as a viable option.

Welp, we've seen Osweiler get mad-money from Houston, Chase Daniel get another contract as a backup, and a surprising lack of interest in RG3. With 4 starters from the 2015 defense no longer with the team and potentially more losses to come, it'd be a farce to believe that the Rams would move up to snag a QB in the draft either.

That leaves.... Ryan Fitzpatrick. Which to be fair wouldn't be a horrible signing. But thinking that he was be as successful with the Rams as he was with the Jets would be a mistake. Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker are far better options than anything the Rams have to offer at WR.

It seems that the Rams front office is content with Case Keenum, Nick Foles, and Sean Mannion heading into 2016, which should concern fans.