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Report: Case Keenum 'Plan C' For Denver Broncos In 2016 NFL Free Agency

Stranger things have happened.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Broncos have a fluid situation at QB after the retirement of Peyton Manning and imminent free agency of Brock Osweiler, who may-or-may-not be the primary target of the Houston Texans.

If re-signing Brock falls through, they've been linked to Colin Kaepernick. But if the 49ers decide to keep the bearded wonder, who might the Broncos turn to?

Los Angeles Rams QB Case Keenum.

That's right, Ian Rapaport noted the Broncos emergency option would be none-other-than the Rams own Case Keenum. You might remember Keenum, who is listed in most few metrics as elite, the would be heir apparent signal caller for the Los Angeles Rams.

The coaching staff has floated the idea that Keenum has their full support. If it comes down to Plan C for the Broncos, the Rams may need to decide if that's truly the case.