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2016 NFL Free Agency: Former Browns C Alex Mack Drawing Interest From Falcons Per Report (UPDATED)

The LA-bred, three-time Pro Bowl center may be headed to ATL.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

One of the more popular targets for the Los Angeles Rams in free agency has been former Cleveland Browns C Alex Mack. A week ago today, Mack voided out of his deal to reach free agent status. As a three-time Pro Bowler, he's certainly one of the best centers in the game at a position the Rams could certainly upgrade with Tim Barnes coming out of his first season as a starter in his fourth NFL season. Barnes himself is headed toward free agency with an expiring contract, so the Rams could well be desperate to address the position sooner rather than later.

So while Mack would be an obvious target in free agency, it sounds like the Falcons are the lead horse in the race:

Time to hope against hope and clap your hands and cross your fingers and do whatever you need for the free agent juju, Mack fans.

(Updated at 12:40pm ET)

Sounds like it's gonna happen.

(Updated at 1:30pm ET)

Yeah, this one sounds like a done deal.