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2016 NFL Free Agency: Reports Have Janoris Jenkins' Contract At Five Years, $62m

If the reports are accurate, Janoris Jenkins is about to be the second-highest paid cornerback in the NFL.

Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

By now, you likely have seen the reports that Rams CB Janoris Jenkins is headed to the New York Giants in free agency.

Now though, we've got some details on the massive contract he has been offered from the G-Men:

That's a massive deal for Jenkins.

Remember that just two weeks ago, it was reported that the Rams offered Jenkins a five-year, $45m deal that he turned down with additional reporting noting that Jenkins had fired his previous agents and hired, as Getlin notes, the popular agents at Schwartz & Feinsod.

If the details are true, they've certainly done one hell of a job for their newest client.