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Random Ramsdom 3 March: Free Agency Approaches

The veteran cuts are coming in now as we're less than a week from free agency.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Manning Toys with Media | ABC Sports

While I'm a HUGE Peyton Manning fan, I honestly don't know what to think about him potentially continuing his career.

Falcons Release Roddy White | ABC Sports

He's 34, injury prone, and past his prime. If any team signs him, it'd be for his experience not his ability at this point in his career.

Mack Voids Deal | ABC Sports

Hard to blame him for wanting to cash in, but with the Rams track record with free agent centers, I'd be cautious - even with Mack.

NFL's Vendetta Costing $20M | ABC Sports

That's a lot of dough. For lawyer fees. In regards to deflated footballs. Because Goodell.

"Worst Offensive Draft Class in Years" | Bleacher Report

No Elite WR. No Franchise QB. According to one scout, the best NFL teams can hope for out of the QBs is to be like Trent Dilfer.

Free Agency QB Options | ESPN

Sam Bradford set the market for QBs. What's that mean for Kaep and RG3?

Mcshay Mocks 'Quon to Rams | ESPN

Laquan Treadwell could be a very valuable asset to the Rams - even if only for his size and run blocking ability.

Top UFAs after Franchise Tags Handed Out | Bleacher Report

Who's gonna get the most cheddar next week?

Jim Everett Challenges Rams Next QB | Ramblin' Fan

I'm not seeing the trio of Foles/Mannion/Keenum breaking many records.

Free Agents About to be Overpaid | Pro Football Focus

Mark Barron and James Laurinaitis are the first 2 names on that list. Kudos to the Rams for (finally) producing players worthy of other teams' attantion.

TE is Understated Need | ESPN

Sure, Lance Kendricks and Corey Harkey can pave the way in #Fisherball, but will the Rams add a receiving threat at the position?

WR Help Needed too..... | ESPN

But is likely going to be hard to find. Hello Brian Quick!

RG3 Revival in LA? | ESPN

Would the fit be right with #Fisherball?

Measuring Steph Curry's Greatness | 538 Sports

Not Rams related in the slightest, but seeing him compared to NFL records is kind of cool - and shocking.

Bradford's Insane Career Pay | FOX Sports

During his career, he's made a cool $1M for each TD.

LA Loves Redemption Stories | LA Times

So sign RG3!

Cousins will Sign Franchise Tender |

Hard to turn down $20M

Where will Super Mario Play in '16 |

No the Rams aren't listed here, but it's intriguing to think about what the former #1 overall pick could to.

Tagging Tru was Smart | PFF

With JJ turning down the Rams long-term contract, it made a lot of sense to lock up the better half of the Rams CB duo.

Boom/Bust Free Agents | Sporting News

Free agency can be risky. Who are the most volatile free agents in the 2016 class?