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Random Ramsdom 3/29: 2016 NFL Draft Officially One Month Away

The draft is officially in exactly one month, and it's one month from now that we'll know exactly what screwball the Rams will throw this year.

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Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports


--- Jared Cook Signs to Packers ---
The Packers will attempt to utilize the man the Rams couldn't.

--- Fairley Signs to Saints ---
Nick Fairley has officially moved on.


--- Rams Focus on Football as they Settle in LA ---
With much moving in the past, the Rams begin to focus on playing the game.

--- Rams Were "Close" To Keeping Jenkins ---
Though many suspected the Rams opted to let him go, this suggests they almost retained him.

--- Kickoff Rule Could Alter Rams' Kicker Search ---
With a new kickoff rule, the Rams will have to rethink kicking strategies.


--- NFL Draft Big Board ---
Here's the best players available for selection.

--- Ronnie Stanley, Draft's Best Tackle? ---
Is he the best?

--- Positional Rankings: WR ---
A rankings list that Rams' staff is likely familiar with.

--- Hackenberg's Honesty Reveals NFL's Hypocrisy ---
Hackenberg cited his coach as part of his downfall, which was likely accurate.

--- Browns, Rams, Cowboys, High First-Round Stakes ---
The Rams need to hit in the first round this year.

--- Paxton Lynch: Rare but Raw Talent ---
Which means the Rams, who fail at developing players, should likely stay away.

Around the NFL

--- NFL Continues Suspension of Blackout Rule ---
The blackout rule will not return--at least not next season.

--- NFL Faces New Concussion Lawsuit ---
Once again, a concussion lawsuit is waged against the NFL.

--- NFL's Instant-Merchandise Market ---
The NFL is always trying to keep merchandise as up-to-date as possible.

--- Best Remaining Free Agents ---
Greg Hardy tops the list... for obvious reasons.