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Los Angeles Rams Nearing Deals For HQ, Practice Site And Training Camp Site

The move is nearly complete...

We learned last month that the Los Angeles Rams would be returning to Oxnard for organized team activities and minicamp as part of their 2016 preseason following last year's "spirited" joint practice with the Cowboys during training camp.

Now, we're hearing the Rams are close to locking in deals on their new headquarters, a site for training camp and a practice site for the next three years.

Headquarters will be in Agoura Hills wedged between Thousand Oaks and Drake's safe house sanctuary of Calabasas. The practice facility, a modular site the Rams are setting up until construction of the stadium site in Inglewood is complete, will be at California Lutheran University. Training camp will be held at The University of California, Irvine.

To get a sense of the Rams' layout across the Los Angeles area, here's a handy map of all the sites: practice, training, administrative, et al. (You can access the map directly here)