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Random Ramsdom 3/23: L.A. Rams News, Draft Rumors, and NFL Rule Changes

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rams Still Eyeing Help at Safety in Free Agency |  ESPN

Los Angeles Rams general manager Les Snead is well aware of the void created by the departure of free safety Rodney McLeod to the Philadelphia Eagles on the opening day of free agency.

Rams to Keep Current Uniforms Until 2019 |  L.A. Times

Kevin Demoff, the Rams' executive vice president of football operations, said Monday that the team does not plan to change uniforms until the 2019 season.

To Find QB In Draft, Rams May Have to Get Creative |  L.A. Times

Secrecy is a fundamental part of the NFL playbook. Teams rarely divulge exactly what they plan to do, especially when it comes to rolling out their blueprint for building through the draft.

Rams Look To Build Practice Facility at Cal Lutheran |  Pro Football Talk

Until the Los Angeles Rams can get more permanent facilities in place in Southern California, the franchise is in need of temporary homes for their practice facility and stadium.

While Keenum Stabilizes QB, Long-Term Answer Could Beckon in the Draft |  Inside Socal

There probably aren’t any new or exciting ways Rams general manager can explain that Case Keenum is the starting quarterback heading into the offseason program and training camp.

10 Key Players Remaining in Free Agency |  CBS Sports

Joel Corry takes a look at ten notable free agents, and the [potential] financial implications for the team that signs them.

Football’s Next Great Division? |

The NFC West is often referred to as the best division in football.  And rightfully so.  But Around the NFL writer Marc Sessler thinks another, very unsuspecting, division might quickly be on the rise to be the league’s strongest.

Jared Goff is "Another Jay Cutler" |

There is little doubt that Jared Goff is highly regarded among NFL scouts, but in a league of 32 teams, complete consensus on any prospect is unusual, even for the best of prospects.

NFL Rule Changes Determined on Tuesday |  Yahoo! Sports

Chop blocks are illegal. All of ‘em.  Field goals?  Yeah, they’ll permanently be kicked from the 15 yard line.  What’s a catch?  Who the hell knows?