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Random Ramsdom 3/22: Do You Want to Watch the Rams in China?

The NFL's latest initiative is to get an NFL game played in China. Would you want to see the Rams play that far away from home?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


--- Snead: Keenum Will Start to Begin OTAs ---
Keenum is expected to be the starter should the Rams not draft a QB, and he's being treated as such..

--- Fairley Leaving Rams for Patriots ---
Are the Patriots poaching a second Rams defensive lineman?

--- Grading Rams Free Agent Focus ---
The Rams focused on retaining rather than acquiring. Was it successful?


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A look at a possible Rams draft.

--- NFL Mock: QBs Plunge to Rams ---
In this draft, QBs fall to the Rams, making decisions easier.

--- 8 Teams Addressing Team Needs in Draft ---
The Rams, having one of the most hole-plagued NFL rosters, are obviously among these teams.


--- 2015 Season Highlights ---
A look back at the season that was once promising.

--- Relocation No Longer an Owner Meeting Hot Topic ---
Relocation talks are dying down.

--- LA Rams Propose to Build Facilities at CLU ---
The Rams want some facilities at a local college.

--- Keenum the Answer for Rams? ---
The Rams think he is, but should anyone else?

--- Breaking Down Harkey's Contract ---
Here's a look at Corey Harkey's contract.

--- Cowboys Likely Open Preseason @ LA ---
The Rams may host their first exhibition against the Cowboys.

Around the NFL

--- NFL Aims for Chinese Game ---
The NFL wants to play in China, and it probably will.

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The quickest-impact player that each team signed.