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2016 LA Rams Mock Drafts: Make Your Own Mock!

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

As the NFL calendar turns towards the draft, it's hard to browse the web and NOT find a half dozen Joe Schmo's preaching about how the draft will go down. In recent years, Armchair GMs and techies have united to take this to the next level at It costs nothing to register and you can mock any NFL team you desire!

On this fine Monday evening, I found myself roped into mock after mock trying to get things juuuuuuuuust right.

A little bit of Jeff Fisher.

A little bit of common sense.

A little bit of crazy.

A whole lot of Best Player Available.

Now I'm not necessarily saying that this is what is going to happen as I am seriously skeptical that they're interested in a QB upgrade. Personally, I'd be thrilled if the Rams could walk away from the draft with these picks.

You're looking at an upgrade at QB and WR, depth at RB and DE - which Fisher loves, and a much needed upgrade at K (sorry Legatron, accuracy is important too). That's a serious haul!

Think you can be my score? Have at it! Toss your picks and scores into the comments!