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Atlanta Falcons Release WR Roddy White

Could the Rams make a play for the aging wideout?

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons released WR Roddy White today.

White holds the franchise record in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns, so it's a bit of a melancholy farewell for the Falcons' part. Having played all 11 NFL season in Atlanta, it was for White as well:

Of course, having a superstar on the roster at the same position in Julio Jones certainly makes the decision significantly easier. For the Falcons, they'll certainly be looking to upgrade the backend of their WR depth chart.

For the rest of the league's WR-needy teams, including the Los Angeles Rams, it's a question of how much is left in the tank. White dipped to his lowest production since his first two years in the league. Teams will have to identify how much of that was due to a change in the Falcons' offensive system in 2015 and how much was on White.

In any case, the Rams have been a frequent reference for teams looking at WRs in free agency and in the 2016 NFL Draft. With that in mind, Rams fans might want to keep White' name in mind as we plunge into free agency waters in one week...