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Random Ramsdom 18 March: Breaking Down Draft Prospects

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

JL55 Lands in Nawlins | AP

Best wishes to the Rams all time leading tackler. Go find yourself a winning season!

Fairley May Follow | Bleacher Report

One has to think if Laurinaitis is already recruiting for the Saints.

Barron a Top-10 4-3 OLB | Bleacher Report

He checks in at #9, but will have to improve in coverage after McLeod and Jenkins departed for the NFC East

Rams Hope to Revive Coples | Bleacher Report

The team has done well with rejuvinating DL careers. Can Coples be next?

Rams Serious about Keenum as Starter | ESPN

For those who doubt Fisher's stubbornness.... CASE KEENUM IS ELITE ACCORDING TO SOME METRICS

Rams need WR Help | ESPN

But the 2016 class is thinner than recent drafts. *COUGH* SammyWatkinsMikeEvansAlshonJeffrey *COUGH* - sorry these damn allergies are killing me......

Rams have a LOT of Draft Capital | ESPN

Not that they know how to use it....

CJ2K Re-signs with Cardinals |

I don't think it's much of a threat to the Rams, but the Cardinals seem to be a haven for veterans

Kelly to Take on Kaep |

But only if he's on the roster. Ummmmm...........what?

Goff Can Make All the Throws | PFF

I'd love to see him make those throws in the Coliseum.

Chandler Jones will 'Tear Through' NFC West | SB Nation NFL

Well there are some pretty horrid OTs in the division...

Breaking Down Laquon Treadwell | SB Nation NFL

Can he be a #1 WR?