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LA Rams LT Greg Robinson Being Tutored by Renowned OL Whisperer

Today, a Periscope video showed LA Rams LT Greg Robinson working with LeCharles Bentley, a world-renowned expert in offensive line technique and training. This is a good thing.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Many Rams fans have been wondering: what's up with Greg Robinson?

Why hasn't he reached his vast potential of developing into the franchise left tackle the Rams hoped he would be when they took him with the second overall pick in 2014? What happened to the next Orlando Paceas Mike Mayock famously predicted?

There are several reasons. One, he was an inexperienced redshirt sophomore when drafted. Two, he played in a system that asked very little of him in terms of blocking assignments, other than to find his man and nuke him into oblivion. He played with pure athletic dominance in college, but clearly that isn't enough for the NFL. And three...moving him to guard and then baptizing him by fire following injuries to Jake Long and Roger Saffold isn't generally how you bring up a franchise left tackle...

Well now offensive line expert and former NFL center LeCharles Bentley has his hands on Robinson and is working with him down in Arizona this offseason to #fixit as demonstrated in this 13 minute or so Periscope today.  According to the speaker in the video, they are on Day 2 of breaking Robinson down to the core and rebuilding his fundamentals and confidence.

This is news that Rams fans should be elated to hear as Robinson, two years from being thrown into that fire moving from G to LT and being leaned on to be "the guy" at one of the sport's most important positions, is finally getting the instruction and one-on-one training he needs from one of the world's best offensive line teachers.

If Bentley can help get Robinson up a level this offseason, then we are talking. Noted OL guru Brandon Thorn concurs:

There's still hope that GRob, going into Year Three of his NFL career, can start to make good on the potential he flashed as the #2 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.