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Los Angeles Rams Meet With Michigan St. QB Connor Cook At Pro Day

ESPN's Adam Schefter reporting the Rams spoke with the Spartans' QB before his workout today.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting the Los Angeles Rams met with Michigan State Spartans QB Connor Cook prior to his Pro Day workout in East Lansing:

Cook's an interesting option for the Rams. He could certainly be available for the Rams with their two second round picks at #43 and 45 overall. The question is what a rookie Cook would give you over Case Keenum, Nick Foles and second-year Ram QB Sean Mannion. That's a tough question to answer.

He's an interesting foil for his predecessor at MSU: Kirk Cousins (the 2012 Andrew Maxwell season just doesn't count).

In his QB scouting report roundup last month, TST author Misone Adiasor had this to say about Cook:

...You have to love he's a three-year starter that played in a pro-style offense and only surrendered 21 interceptions during that time. Cook might be the most inconsistent QB in the draft, but his floor and ceiling are both higher than virtually everyone else. The question that every coach has to ask themselves is, "can we trust him?"

As a QB that wasn't even a team captain, a red flag that many NFL teams have picked up on, that trust is going to be hard to place in year one.