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Super Bowl LI Odds: Los Angeles Rams At 50-1, Tied For 17th


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

A year ago, we saw the Super Bowl 50 odds slipping the Rams from 25/1 to 33/1 to 40/1 before the season started, a fair indication that Vegas (wisely) was hesitant to invest in the 2015 St. Louis Rams and wasn't overwhelmingly impressed with their 2015 NFL Draft haul.

Today, from Bovada, we have our first set of Super Bowl LI odds (THANK YOU FOR THE RETURN OF ROMAN NUMERALIZED SUPER BOWLS, GOODELL):

New England Patriots: 15/2
Carolina Panthers: 10/1
Denver Broncos: 10/1
Green Bay Packers: 10/1
Pittsburgh Steelers: 10/1
Seattle Seahawks: 10/1
Arizona Cardinals: 16/1
Dallas Cowboys: 20/1
Houston Texans: 20/1
Cincinnati Bengals: 22/1
Minnesota Vikings: 22/1
Indianapolis Colts: 25/1
Kansas City Chiefs: 25/1
New York Giants: 33/1
Oakland Raiders: 33/1
Baltimore Ravens: 40/1
Atlanta Falcons: 50/1
Buffalo Bills: 50/1
Chicago Bears: 50/1
Detroit Lions: 50/1
Los Angeles Rams: 50/1
New Orleans Saints: 50/1
New York Jets: 50/1
Philadelphia Eagles: 50/1
San Diego Chargers: 50/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 50/1
Washington: 50/1
Jacksonville Jaguars: 66/1
Miami Dolphins: 66/1
San Francisco 49ers: 66/1
Tennessee Titans: 100/1
Cleveland Browns: 150/1

Clearly the Patriots are at the top because they signed DE Chris Long. Clearly.

From the Patriots to the Ravens at 40/1, you've got 16 teams - half of the league or a 12-team playoff group plus four potentials. Beyond them is the 11-team cluster of 50/1 options of which the Rams are one. I'd bet one of those 11 makes the playoffs...but I wouldn't know which one to bet on.

The Cowboys are 20/1 following a four-win 2015 season. I'd take that as a not bet.

And look at the plucky upstart Raiders at 33/1. Raider Nation has to be pretty pumped about this upcoming season.

Which of the five teams beyond the 50/1 glut has a chance at not being horrible? Could Chip Kelly resuscitate the Niners in year one? What about Blake Bortles and the Jags? Could Marcus Mariota's second season propel the Titans into the playoff hunt?

And can we be honest about the Browns? They shouldn't even be 150/1. That's nuts.