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Random Ramsdom 3/15: Intelligently Limiting Free Agent Moves

The Rams haven't made a "huge" move thus far, and they figure not to at this point. However, teams--Eagles a few years back, Dolphins last year for instance--haven't fared so well when splashing cash at issues. Are the Rams making the right play?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports


--- LA Rams Free Agent  Tracker ---
A rundown of all Rams and Rams-related FA happenings.

--- NFL Rumors: Zach Miller Choosing Bears Over Rams ---
The Rams are seemingly losing out on replacing Jared Cook.

--- Lack of FA Activity Due to Lack of Success ---
The Rams have remained quiet because it isn't always the big "splash" move that wins the offseason.

--- Rams Add Sensabaugh ---
The Rams had a depth piece at CB in Sensabaugh.

--- Breaking Down Eugene Sims' Deal ---
The Rams retained Sims, and here's the price is cost them.

--- Rams Must Plan for D-Line Future ---
With pieces aging and becoming increasingly difficult to lock up, a plan for the future is needed.


--- Relive the 2016 NFL Combine ---
Already miss the combine? Relive it here.

--- Should Go #1, But Won't ---
This is a player many have their eye on.

--- Cowboys Likely to Trade Down? ---
Picking highly, will the Cowboys swap down?

--- Braxton Miller, worth the wait? ---
Miller is one of the more intriguing prospects this season.

--- Deion Jones Soaring Up Draft Charts ---
A new name is emerging in the class.


--- NFLPA Tells Agents to Treat Rams as California's ---
Contracts were written to incorporate Missouri despite the Rams move, and the NFLPA has addressed the situation.

--- Gurley Cannot Become Jackson ---
It'd be a shame to see Gurley carry the load for a dozen losing teams.

--- Rams Staying in LA in One Way ---
Though physically departed, the Rams have kept a certain--err, spiritual--connection to the city.

--- LA Stadium Distraction for Lousy Team? ---
LA was constantly brought up over the last few years, and some lost sight of what truly mattered.

Around the NFL

--- NFL Official Acknowledges Link Between CTE and NFL ---
In a historic moment, the NFL acknowledged this obvious link.

--- Raji on Hiatus ---
Yet another sub-30 NFL player steps away.

--- New Retirement Norm? ---
At this point, it's not a question; players are stepping away.

--- Martavis Bryant Suspended One Year ---
Bryant sees a year of his career evaporate before his eyes.

--- Manziel: "Of course" he'll be in NFL next year ---
Typical, typical Johnny.